Weird Workplace

Twitterverse strikes again; Artistic endeavours; When you gotta go; 'Cleanup, aisle 4'; Why not just 'come eat donuts' day?
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/09/2015


MAINSFIELD, TEX. — Clearly she wasn’t too excited about starting her first day at work. A woman in Texas learned about the dangers of Twitter after tweeting, “Ew I start this (expletive) job tomorrow” on Feb. 6. She was fired the next day by Jet’s Pizza owner Robert Waple, also on Twitter: “No you don’t start that FA job today! I just fired you! Good luck with your no money, no job life!” according to the CBC. Apparently, a co-worker saw the woman’s tweets and forwarded them to the boss. But Waple’s words may come back to bite him — after the firing of
“@Cella,” many people supported the non-employee while questioning the owner’s reaction. Tweets from around the world have made Cella “famous” online, with some classes even studying the ethics of the incident.