Combatting social exclusion

Feeling left out at work can have devastating effects on an employee
By Monika Jensen
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/10/2015

Bullying in the workplace can take many forms. An individual can be subjected to tactics such as verbal and non-verbal abuse, psychological and physical abuse, and humiliation. 

And then there’s ostracism. Ostracism is a sinister form of workplace bullying that causes both immediate and long-term psychological injury to an employee when he finds himself avoided, shunned, ignored or not invited to participate in team activities or social functions.

In simplest terms, this form of bullying happens when an individual is persistently ignored by colleagues or supervisors. These individuals may be barred from conversations, deprived of information essential to their job performance, left off email distribution lists, spurned by colleagues during meetings or even not informed of meetings.