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Please don't come again'; Hanging tough; Grooving to safety; Bus-ted in New Zealand; Taking one for the team
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/17/2015

Grooving to safety

GUERNSEY, U.K. — Safety videos can be dull as dishwater. Passengers everywhere tune out as soon as they start. So Condor Ferries in the United Kingdom tried a different approach — much to the amusement of social media. The company debuted a two-and-a-half-minute “safety rap” on YouTube featuring three staff members. “I’m the C.A.P.T. to the A.I.N. and I’m here to let you know that once you hear that whistle blow, my instructions will fol-low,” says the jiving captain at the start. Two lively crew members then dance away, singing, “Life jackets, life jackets, they’re right beneath your seat. They’re bold and bright, with a whistle and light, and look so very neat.” The captain later appears, holding a shoe, crooning, “Ladies, hey ladies, you have to realize, sharp objects can’t go on our slides, so leave those heels behind,” before the video ends with the three uniformed employees grooving to the beat. While one online fan commented, “This was actually very enjoyable. Much better than American Airlines’ skit,” another was less keen: “I think I’d rather drown.”