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Ice capades; Mining for trouble; Conveyor kitty; Streaming live from Tennessee; Christmas no joke
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/05/2016

Conveyor kitty

GALT, CALIF. — It’s become somewhat of a trend lately for employees to bring their pets to work. But a recycling facility in California had an unexpected visitor recently when a tiny kitten showed up. The kitty was heading down a conveyor belt at Cal-Waste, about to fall into the composter, when he was spotted by loader operator Tony Miranda, according to KCRA. “I pretty much just found it between all the debris and bags and just everything,” he said. “I just grabbed it and immediately reported it to the line supervisor.” It’s presumed the kitten went for a ride in a garbage truck and was then pushed onto the conveyor belt. “We put so much material in here and we run so much stuff through it,” said Miranda. “It’s just amazing to see a little kitty survive through all this. It made my day today, definitely made my day.” In the end, shift lead Heather Garcia decided to adopt the new employee and name him Murphy. “It’s just so cute, I mean why wouldn’t you take it home?” she said.