Will civility destroy all the fun? (Guest Commentary)

On the contrary – it should mean more laughter, solidarity and participation
By Sharone Bar-David
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/06/2016

“This is one of those emails that you type to blow off steam and then erase as a ‘Boy, I better not say this’ moment.” 

So began a spirited message I received from an indvidual who recently participated in one of my workplace incivility training sessions.

He continued: “I am giving serious thought to writing my own book called The Case for Incivility. I fear that in our efforts to achieve civility in the workplace, we will remove common sense. Our halls will run silent. Our conversations will be contrite and disturbingly stale. Far worse, people will live in fear that what they say or do will make someone complain about them. Is this the civil workplace you envision?”