Recruitment, retention keep HR up at night: Poll

Situation varies from province to province
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/03/2016

For all the growth and development HR has seen through the years, it’s still the basics that preoccupy the profession, as seen in a recent survey by Canadian HR Reporter. The top challenges HR professionals face in their role are recruitment and retention, found the survey of 157 respondents.

It’s obviously a supply and demand issue, with challenges around education, according to Debby Carreau, CEO and founder of Inspired HR in Calgary.

“The expertise and the human capital assets that businesses are looking for today don’t exist how we need them to, especially in Canada. I think we lost a lot of brain trust right now to the U.S. Also, post-secondary education has been a little bit slow in terms of offering what we need for where businesses are going. All the STEM careers, for example, it’s much more challenging to get really experienced people, or even well-educated people, especially on the technology piece.”