Using analytics to boost productivity

Subway, Movember Canada, Town Shoes see improved engagement, lower turnover
By David Lahey
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/24/2016

Disturbing figures in a 2015 report on productivity confirmed a nagging feeling at the back of many business owners’ minds for some time — Canadian labour productivity had been in steady decline for over 10 years, according to Statistics Canada. The agency also noted a widening productivity gap between the United States and Canada. These trends were confirmed by statistics, for the same period, from the Conference Board of Canada. And the numbers suggest Canadian leaders were not taking full advantage of employees’ abilities.

Roots of productivity

Many new hires decide their future with a company based on their onboarding experience. A good experience can be mutually beneficial for both the organization and the employee, providing stability for the organization and advancement opportunities for the employee.