Discount program leads to violations

United Airline workers’ ‘no evidence’ motion rejected by arbitrator in B.C. case
By John Dujay
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/16/2016

Employee discounts were in the spotlight recently when four United Airlines workers in Vancouver were terminated because they were said to have unethically benefited from the company’s fare system.

An anonymous email was received Dec. 16, 2010, alleging two employees, Jennifer Thacker and Tony Scott, were overdoing it with the company’s “waivers and favours rule,” whereby an employee can purchase airline tickets for friends and family at a discount.

Toni Salvato-Pinto, senior investigator with corporate security, began an investigation into the allegations, and found one ticket purchased Dec. 31, 2008, by Thacker from Vancouver to San Francisco was scheduled to depart Jan. 14, 2009, but was then changed to Jan. 13, which meant the 14-day advance purchase discount was no longer in force. It was also rerouted to Chicago, then to Las Vegas.