Employers happy with post-retirement offerings – too bad costs are jumping

Survey finds strong support for objectives of post-retirement benefits. But problems include accounting changes, health-care cost increases and longevity
By Bob McKay
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 08/30/2004


combination of external forces has forced many employers to re-think post-retirement benefits. In fact, the cost of providing such benefits, both now and in the future, has moved the topic to the forefront of the imperative human resources issues some organizations must tackle.

In December, Hewitt Associates conducted its “Trends in Canadian Retirement Programs” survey. This survey invited plan sponsors to provide input on the design, financing, experience, communication and administration of retirement programs, including post-retirement benefit plans. It was clear from the responses received that post-retirement benefits — who’s providing what and how they’re doing it — are a major concern of many Canadian plan sponsors.