Setting up an internal reporting program

Employees should be properly informed of what types of issues to report
By Hilary Davies
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/28/2016

In Canada, whistleblowers often only come to public attention when the reporting is external and a sensational story hits the news. At this point, the reputational damage to an organization is already done and the opportunity to mitigate the effects may have disappeared.

External reporting also frequently involves illegal or unethical activity that may have been occurring for a long period of time. The reporting of malfeasance within an organization may be external because the organization does not have an effective internal reporting mechanism.

There are definitely skeptics who question why anyone would want to encourage whistleblowing. But looking at recent stories in the news, in the financial and pharmaceutical industries, for example, it’s easy to see the value of an internal program that can identify and mitigate a problem before it becomes public.