The ‘scandal’ of bureaucrat pay (Editorial)

By John Hobel
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/28/2004

In the early ’90s my job as a health-care reporter meant spending a lot of time following Michael Decter around southern Ontario. Decter was the deputy health minister in a newly elected NDP government that was reforming the health system, and his speeches were fodder for continuing coverage. And if health reform and the responsibility for managing a department with a $18-billion annual budget weren’t enough, Decter was also called upon by then Premier Bob Rae to lead wage containment discussions with unions.

In a candid moment during a stop on his ongoing speaking tour, he related how tired he was, how his daughter was wondering when she’d see him. And how, in that frame of mind, one morning before another round of union talks he came across a news article on the “outrageous” salaries of private-sector executives. Soon thereafter, Decter left public service, made a tidy sum investing and then wrote the book,

Michael Decter’s Million Dollar Strategy.