Helping introverts to break through

Thoughtful, introspective leadership can help in disruptive economic environment
By Bernadette Smith
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/17/2017
pathdoc (Shutterstock)

In a world where we have traditionally revered charismatic extroverted leaders, society has been conditioned to believe this “type” of person is the best style to lead organizations today. This is not always true.

A more thoughtful and introspective leadership style can create conditions that enable an organization to thrive in a disruptive economic environment. It’s time to think differently about enabling hidden introverted talent to break through at an organization.

Introverts in the workplace have been misunderstood and often overlooked for promotion in favour of their more “vocal” colleagues, even though they have proven to be equally as competent and effective. Their quiet temperament may be interpreted as aloof, antisocial and passive. In fact, an introvert’s brain is wired to be stimulated by the internal processing of information to support learning, problem-solving and planning. So, while others are talking, they’re processing their thoughts, connecting the dots and moving toward a productive solution.