Young worker attitudes rotten in the state of Denmark

Danish HR leaders say spoiled young workes have bad attitudes
||Last Updated: 06/22/2004

Danish HR leaders are getting fed up with the bad attitudes of young workers who have been spoiled by their parents, according to a report in the Cophenhagen Post.

"HR staffers are sick and tired of this kind of behaviour, and the sheer lack of respect for work. I even know of one company that simply refuses to hire anyone under 30, just to avoid the hassle," said Kim Staack Nielsen, chairman of the Danish Personnel Directors' Association, in an article originally published in the daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten,

He said his members are amazed at the number of young workers who appear indifferent during job interviews, don’t care about working hours and are unwilling to put in any extra effort at the office. HR leaders attribute the poor attitude to years of coddling by parents, teachers and mentors.