Family medical leave now the law in Ontario

Province recalls legislature from summer break to pass legislation that protects workers' jobs
||Last Updated: 09/14/2006

Workers in Ontario who are caring for a gravely ill family member can now take up to eight weeks off work without worry about losing their job.

The provincial government, in a special session of the legislature that was recalled from the summer break, passed the legislation in less than 10 minutes. The legislation was initially blocked by the NDP before the legislature went into summer recess, allegedly in a dispute over funding for mailing privileges.

“The legislation that came in to force (June 29) provides important protection and peace of mind for workers who might otherwise be faced with the impossible choice of quitting their job to care for a gravely ill loved one,” said Labour Minister Chris Bentley. “Our people’s health is our most precious resource. We share a responsibility to protect it from harm and care for it in times of need.”