Pass the dictionary, please (Editorial)

By John Hobel
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 08/10/2004

Outplacement, presenteeism, emotional intelligence, strategic HRM, BPO, LTD and STD, DB versus DC, HRMS. If you recognize all or some of these terms chances are you’re in HR.

While every profession throws up a confusing mix of industry jargon, HR has a particular interest in keeping the buzz terms to a minimum. So with all due respect to consultants and authors, putting a break on runaway “phrase-coining” is in the best interests of employers and employees alike. HR is after all charged with employee communications, and often external communications, so there’s a responsibility to keep it simple.

While the IT department can be forgiven for a plethora of linguistic challenges to explain its systems, HR acronyms and buzz words do little to help staff understand the business or open communication channels across an organization.