A welcome mat for Bush-dodgers (Editorial)

Turning George W. Bush's election victory into a win for Canada
By John Hobel
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/02/2005

George W. Bush’s election win could also be Canada’s if anxiety-riddled Democrat voters hightail it for the Canadian border. There are millions of disaffected professionals, skilled workers and educated high-achievers ripe for the picking and ready to help solve Canada’s labour market shortages.

Some Democrat voters are wondering if their beliefs would be more at home in Canada than their homeland. Not since the U.S. Civil War has America seemed so divided.

What’s troubling Democrats is that issues such as the ill-conceived, ill-fated Iraq war or a troubling federal deficit and weak economy were not the deciding factors. Rather Bush’s values and religion-influenced agenda were the reasons many offered the president unwavering support. And that’s the problem: What’s an environmentalist who is more troubled by guns than gays to do? Throw in an apparent violation of the American Founding Fathers’ desire to separate church and state, and it’s enough take make you pack up and move to a northern neighbour where you’re more likely to fit in.