Salary surveys in India same as those in Canada

It took an internship program to get Sanjay Ray’s foot in the door
By Uyen Vu
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/15/2005

“I didn’t waste any time,” is how Sanjay Ray, compensation consultant at Manulife Financial, now describes his hit-the-ground-running job search upon immigrating to Canada.

Two months after arriving from India, Ray joined the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario and enrolled for CHRP certification at Ryerson University in Toronto. Within the first seven months, he had sent out more than 1,000 job applications and cold-called more than 100 HR consultant firms in search of a job opening. He went to career fairs, answered newspaper ads and attended networking sessions. All to no avail.

Ray, who came to Canada in February 2003 with more than 10 years’ HR experience in India, can only guess as to why employers weren’t interested. “From the feedback that I did get, it seems that I didn’t have relevant experience, which I take to mean Canadian experience.” It wasn’t until Ray registered as an intern candidate at Career Bridge that he got his foot in the Canadian workplace, through a placement at Toronto-based insurance company Manulife Financial.