Technology no longer the driver

Three experts weigh in on the outlook for e-learning
By Sandra Mingail
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/18/2006

Where is the e-learning market heading? That was the question put to a trio in the know, and their answers suggest that blended learning, simulations and mobile learning are the three promising e-learning formats to keep a close eye on.

The experts consulted for this e-learning industry outlook included Kathryn Barker, president of Vancouver-based FuturEd Consulting and speaker at next month’s Canadian Society for Training and Development 2005 Learning Innovations Symposium; Ramona Materi, president of Vancouver-based e-learning provider Ingenia Training, also a speaker at the 2005 Learning Innovations Symposium; and Tony Mark, research council officer with the E-Learning Research Group at the Institute for Information Technology, an agency funded by the federal government’s National Research Council (NRC).

Their comments focused on key areas of e-learning: blended learning, knowledge management, collaborative learning, collaborative learning and mobile learning or what’s known as m-learning.