After the implementation: Maintenance of your new HR system

Keeping the system running efficiently is more a job for HR than for the IT department
By Ian Turnbull
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/09/2005

What is an HR system? It can be a specialty system, such as an applicant-tracking software, a complete HR system or an integrated payroll, time and attendance management system.

Selecting (and paying for) a new HR system is hard work, but exciting. The next step, implementation, is usually a frustrating grind, especially if you have to do your regular job at the same time. Then the payback — the time you’ve been waiting (and praying) for. The system is up and everyone is excited.

Often lost in this process is the new and ongoing task of operating and maintaining the system. Revised business processes and new systems require revised or new organization structures with new roles and most importantly, budgets. In other words, a new activity that requires attention. And life will never be the same again.