Different strokes for different folks: Customizing relocation for different generations

Worker age changes relocation pitch
By Paul Francis
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 12/06/2005

“It takes different strokes to move the world,” says the classic TV theme song, and apparently the same applies to today’s mobile workforce.

Traditionally, most relocation policies were developed with a reward-based focus and largely balanced on the candidate’s status, tender and position in the company. As the employer-worker relationship shifts from a hierarchical culture to a more transactional relationship, today’s workforce looks for policies that are directed towards their individual circumstances.

Whereas a relocation policy was seen as a way to provide “perks” and incentive to relocate, it is now recognized as an important aspect of return on investment, productivity and the success of an organization’s larger mandate. For companies to remain successful, they will want to consider moving away from the reward-based policy and adopt a more “generational” approach.