Making your organization the ‘it’ place to work for IT

Tech workers more important to organizations than ever
By David Foote
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/25/2006

With a backlog of projects in many information technology departments, organizations increasingly find they can’t be complacent about the retention of IT workers.

A demand is building for multi-disciplined IT workers who blend technology expertise with specialized knowledge of specific industries and markets, and specific business solutions. That means employers are in many cases going after a smaller pool of qualified candidates and finding that it takes longer to find and hire them.

That might be all right under some circumstances, but many employers simply don’t have the luxury of time in a competitive business environment that often resembles a pressure cooker. Employee loyalty (or the absence of turnover) is critical to customer satisfaction, according to a survey of 1,900 American and Canadian organizations over the past five years by Foote Partners LLC. Fortunately, turnover can be controlled.