Taking sides: Is Alberta’s labour shortage a doomsday scenario?

Alberta, Canada’s hottest labour market, is experiencing explosive growth as the price of oil surges. The Conference Board of Canada has estimated Alberta could be facing a shortage of 330,000 workers in 20 years.
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/13/2006

Yes. Labour demand and supply not sustainable

By Glen Hodgson

Alberta’s labour crunch is starting to make headlines far beyond the foothills and oil sands of Wild Rose Country. No sector of the economy seems exempt from labour shortages. Fast food restaurants and the hospitality sector are offering huge salaries by industry standards, but still find themselves shortening their hours because they don’t have enough workers. A recent Halifax job fair, ¬organized by Alberta-based grocery stores, saw one retailer offer jobs that pay up to $35,000 per year along with free airfare, a month’s free rent and moving expenses.