HR’s gender inequality (Guest commentary)

Why aren’t more men choosing HR as a career?
By Quentin Colburn
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 08/04/2006

The human resources profession is dominated by women. In the United Kingdom, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development recently reported that about 70 per cent of its membership is female. This raises interesting questions about equality within HR including: Does HR practice what is preaches when it comes to diversity?

As I approach this topic I have to confess to a degree of bias — after all, I am a man. However, I have to ask if this apparent inequality between the sexes is something HR should be concerned about and, if it is concerned, can anything be done about it?

Inequality comes in very different forms. There will be some who rightly point out that there is inequality based on other factors such as race, age and disability. However the issue of gender is one that seems to cause the biggest divide within the profession.