Handling the next generation of leaders’ demand for work-life balance

Balance comes from applying tools and strategies that help workers make informed choices about their careers
By Kaitlin Eckler and Barbara Kofman
|CHRR, Report on Training & Development|Last Updated: 11/03/2006

As if the demographic shift that puts employees in the driver’s seat isn’t challenging enough, the labour shortage is being compounded by another major issue — work-life balance.

It’s an issue that now concerns all generations. Aging baby boomers want to experience life outside of work and Gen Xers are increasingly seeking to capture time with their young families. For Gen Ys, there is no delay. They demand balance from day one and are not willing to wait until they have paid their dues to get it.

Yet anyone who has had a successful career knows making it to the top requires a willingness to sacrifice, an ability to stretch beyond one’s comfort zone, energy and focus to develop effective leadership skills.