Seven tips for boosting performance and engagement

Communication, focus and reality checks key to organizational success in 2007
||Last Updated: 01/15/2007

The new year brings new resolutions. For organizations resolving to increase performance and employee engagement, Alex Somos, co-founder of the Ontario-based HR consulting firm Juice Inc, has the following seven tips.

1. The quality of an organization is directly related to the quality of its internal conversations. Ultimately, conversations are the “operating system” within an organization, said Somos. “Recruitment runs off hiring conversations, performance runs off training conversations and revenue runs off sales conversations,” he notes. “The more time an organization invests into this ‘operating system,’ the greater return they will see.”

2. Corporate will resolves business issues. Corporate will is the resolve from an organization at the top to see results through to the end. Once employees understand an organization’s measurable objectives (such as productivity or safety), leaders can establish the processes and systems that support, model, measure and reward desired outcomes.