Is HR prepared to keep the keepers?

Without meaningful work and a clear career path, high performers will become disengaged and flock for the exits with devastating results
By Eileen Chadnick
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/22/2007

Recruiting top employees is a challenge, but what happens after organizations land coveted recruits? How do they keep the keepers?

Employee engagement, particularly for high performers, is increasingly becoming top of mind for senior management of leading organizations competing for talent in an ever-changing and complex economy. Talent management is no longer strictly an HR concern. It’s a business issue gaining interest in the boardroom.

“We’ve seen a real transformation over the past few years,” said Max Caldwell, a New York-based principal and leader of Towers Perrin’s HR services business workforce effectiveness practice. “As businesses transform to drive top-line growth, we’re seeing talent emerge as a top strategic priority for CEOs and boards, as well as HR executives.”