Plugging into performance management

Ever-improving systems can also look at succession and goal management
By Paul Loucks
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/20/2007

Over the past two to three years, web-based performance management has moved from being a leading-edge solution adopted by only large companies to a mainstream solution that is quickly becoming an industry standard among medium and small organizations.

The true value in automating performance management goes beyond simply automating time-consuming, tedious tasks such as tracking down paper-based appraisal forms. While performance management systems have been proven to save HR professionals both time and money, they ultimately improve the overall performance management process.

Web-based solutions traditionally deliver higher completion rates, which can dramatically increase the value of performance management within organizations of all sizes. Performance management systems provide employees with a clear development path and a better understanding of how their goals are aligned with those of the organization, which in turn increases their support of the process. Managers have the information they need to ensure development plans are relevant and executed. Executives have a clear picture of the organization’s talent strategy and how it ties into the bottom line.