HR among the happiest professions

Corporate culture and chance to advance beat out financial rewards
||Last Updated: 04/04/2007

It really is better at the top. Chief executive officers and company presidents are the most satisfied in their jobs, according to a new study by online job board Workopolis. However, teachers and HR professionals follow closely in second and third place.

Workopolis asked nearly 9,000 Canadians to evaluate job satisfaction of their current position based on 11 factors that contribute to employee satisfaction, such as corporate culture, the opportunity to learn and financial rewards.

"Job satisfaction is the holy grail of the workplace," said Patrick Sullivan, president of Workopolis. "Every employee wants to find it and every employer wants to provide it. This research really dug beyond the surface of what people say to uncover what truly motivates them and makes them happy – or unhappy – at work."