Let sleeping ‘B people’ lie (Guest commentary)

A good chunk of the workforce doesn’t perform well from 9 to 5
By Camilla Kring
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/20/2007

Do you prefer quiet mornings and active evenings? Do you think life is too short for traffic jams? Are you at your most productive after 10 a.m.? Then you might just be a “B person.”

Unfortunately, society is arranged around “A people” — also known as the early risers. Most jobs are adapted to A people. But there’s a move to change that. B-Society’s mission is to change the structures, in the labour market and society at large, so those who are genetically predisposed to wake and work later fit in.

B-Society is going to challenge the nine-to-five society and its lack of respect for the day rhythms of B people. It wants to create a more flexible society that accommodates and accepts B people.