CUPE convention to create two-year goals

$4 million to $5 million goes to battling contracting out and P3s
By Gordon Sova
||Last Updated: 11/22/2007

Following on a pattern begun in 2003, the Canadian Union of Public Employees’ National Convention will be debating new priorities for the union and allocating resources to achieve them.

The first set of strategic directions included these three: strengthen bargaining power, increase day-to-day effectiveness to better represent members, and stop contracting out and privatization. The 2005 directions grew to six, although three were offshoots of earlier directions. Those new priorities were organizing, increasing the participation of women, improving communications and strengthening ties with other unions.

This time around, the number of strategic directions has been reduced to three, but each one appears much broader than the relatively focused ones in the earlier lists. The three priorities being debated for adoption are (1) the CUPE fightback campaign, (2) strengthening bargaining power and achieving equality, and (3) meeting global green targets and building global solidarity.