Partnerships integral to workplace learning success (On training)

Connecting individual learning needs with business demands
By Lynn Johnston
|CHRR, Report on Training & Development|Last Updated: 10/31/2007

In 2003, the Ontario Society for Training and Development formed the nucleus of the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD) in Toronto. A brand statement was created to express the new national focus — “partners for learning and performance.” Since then, the new professional organization has grown in ways both predictable and unexpected, and the concept of “partner” has expanded.

Just who are the partners we were thinking of in 2003? Well, of course, as a professional association, we partner with our members — workplace learning practitioners. Through professional development opportunities and networking, we explore current trends in the workplace learning field. We offer services to members that help them develop in their careers, such as professional certification. And we partner with individuals and organizations from across the country to develop local chapters in regions from east to west. Today our 18 chapters are spearheaded by members who volunteer their time and expertise to benefit the industry.

Internal and external