New PhD in HR launches

Most grads go on to teach, some consult
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/07/2009

York University is launching a new PhD in HR management this fall, further demonstrating the growing credibility of this field in Canada. But the move is also part of a larger effort by schools across the country that have an urgent need for faculty.

“Right now, there’s a glut in the market in terms of PhD graduates and that’s where business education is heading,” said Parbudyal Singh, chair of the PhD HR program at York University in Toronto.

“For a lot of occupations, from Statistics Canada to colleges to universities, a PhD is an asset and a lot of the bigger organizations are putting PhDs in HR departments, rather than bringing in consultants. But, for us, the biggest reason was the shortage of faculty, so we’re focused on training teachers and faculty for higher education.”