Fingerprint technology, pinpoint accuracy

Small company sees big gains in accuracy, speed with biometric scanners
By Danielle Harder
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/04/2008

Running a weekly payroll for 200 employees at Dynamic Team Sports used to take one person about six hours — almost a full day. Now, it takes about 30 seconds.

The Toronto-based sportswear manufacturer replaced its punch-card system four years ago with one that scans employee’s fingerprints. To clock in, workers now enter a personal identification number (PIN) and then place a finger on the scanner, eliminating the costly problem of “buddy-punching” — clocking in an absent co-worker — when there are no senior managers around on the overnight shift.

“It gives us indisputable facts of when that employee punched in and when that employee punched out,” says Melanie Oleskiw, HR manager at Dynamic. “No one else can do that for you.”