It’s time to deal with bad apples (Guest commentary)

Slow economy opportunity to address bad performance
By Nathan Jamail
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/30/2008

While different companies in varying industries tend to battle diverse challenges, one issue remains constant and prevalent across the board: Bad employees, and having to manage them.

When you add a weak economy to the mix, the situation becomes even more difficult. The easy answer to dealing with bad performers in a poor economy is to treat them the same way you would in a great economy. But, like most things in life, knowing the answer is not nearly as difficult as carrying through with it.

If solving the problem were this easy, companies wouldn’t have bad performers. In fact, dealing with these bad performers is one of the greatest struggles of most leaders. Add a poor economy to the mix and dealing with them becomes more difficult and overwhelming — and making the right decisions becomes more vital to the organization’s success.