For the cost-cutters: A history lesson (Guest commentary)

Reassure employees during recession
By Barbara Moses
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/04/2009

Six months ago, a client of mine would never have found herself questioning whether her employer would foot the bill for her to take her small team out for a holiday lunch in December. It had been a tradition for as long as anyone could remember.

But now, as the company responds to the economic downturn with a new regime of aggressive cost containment, my client was suddenly hesitant to ask about coughing up the $150 or so that it would cost.

As a 30-year-old professional, fairly new to the department, she doesn’t particularly care about the holiday event for herself. But she understands how important it is to her long-serving staff: At meetings, one of their first questions has been whether and where the luncheon will take place. She thought they would be crushed if it wasn’t held this time.