Developing the behaviours to improve culture

By Surjeet Rai-Lewis and Rick Lash
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 12/05/2002

Can’t teach an old dog — or young pup — new tricks? That old saying no longer holds true when it comes to the field of Emotional Intelligence.

Research indicates up to 30 per cent of business results come from the climate — defined as employees’ perceptions of their work environment that impact their ability to do their jobs well — a leader creates. And up to 70 per cent of organizational climate is driven by the competencies of the leader. These competencies can be wrapped up in a skills “package” called Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Most organizations are not the stable, predictable structures of the past. Companies need to be far more agile and flexible in how they operate both internally, and externally. This changing nature presents a whole new challenge for those in positions of leadership.