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Doctors fight for pensions; N.B. Casual workers can unionize; Western premiers agree on EI reform; Wal-mart union certification overturned; N.L. doctors demand pay increases; Alta. needs 30,000 construction workers by 2017; Employers hoard anti-flu drugs
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/13/2009

Doctors fight for pensions

Ottawa — Canadian doctors are calling on the government to make changes to tax laws so they can join a registered pension plan. Federal and provincial tax laws prohibit self-employed doctors from contributing to registered pension plans because they are already eligible for several tax-relief options, said Canadian Medical Association president Robert Ouellet. In April, pension advocate Dr. Mary Fernando addressed the need for pension plan access before a federal standing committee on health. She cited doctor shortages as an example of why a pension plan is necessary and said Canada is the only country that does not allow its publicly funded physician force to contribute to pensions.

N.B. Casual workers can unionize