B.C. employees put high value on benefits

But workers often unsure of exactly what employers are offering: Survey
By Angela Scappatura
|Western Report|Last Updated: 10/19/2009

While more than one-half of 500 employees surveyed in British Columbia said they value their workplace benefits program, many didn’t know very much about the services provided in their own plans, according to a report from consulting firm TRG Benefits and Pensions.

Respondents were asked to rate the importance of their employer’s benefits plans on a scale of one to seven and the average rating was 6.21 — with women (6.31) valuing their plans slightly more than men (6.06).

Employees rated medical, dental and pension coverage as their top three priorities, said Craig Hewson, Vancouver-based vice-president of TRG, which conducted the Benefits and Pensions and What They Mean to British Columbians survey earlier this year.