Your firm is ready to take on the world

Is your HR department ready to process global transfers?
By H. Greenberg, S. de Lint and Y. Siddiddiquee
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/23/2001

Keeping the workforce fresh and vibrant will likely remain the greatest challenge for HR professionals for the next ten years anyway.

As technology advances at a frantic pace, development periods grow increasingly shorter, commerce requires solutions at the push of a button and competitiveness for scarce skills is at an all-time high. HR personnel are becoming the managers of many activities, but they will find themselves taxed by the volume of demands and the pace of the movement of employees.

One of the key areas of increasing activity comes from the corporate race to globalize. There was a time when an HR manager viewed a transfer of an employee across province or country with the attendant settlement concerns as a reasonable challenge.