Wireless firm doesn’t get hung up on payroll

Newly formed Worldlynx consolidates 10 companies with help from Ceridian
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/20/2010

Pulling together the payroll of 10 companies — with different corporate cultures and point of sale systems and hundreds of hourly and salary employees with a range of commissions — can be a daunting task. Worldlynx Wireless, a wireless service company that consolidated a portion of Bell Mobility’s independent retail distribution channel, had no more than 10 people in its core office team when it made the transition, and the company was looking at a moving target when it came to the closing date of the acquisition in September 2009.

“It made it really difficult to put a plan together but we knew that the minute the deal was done, the money was in the bank account, that we suddenly had all these new people and they were expecting to be paid within a week,” says Kathryn Robertson, vice-president of corporate development at Worldlynx in Toronto.

In the end, the process went seamlessly, with payroll outsourced to Ceridian and 460 employees paid on time, virtually error-free, she says.