When it comes to technology, HR should be control freaks (Guest commentary)

10 tips for HR to retain leadership of HR technology purchases
By Beth N. Carvin
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/03/2010

Harriet “HR” Robinson, vice-president of human resources, read the email from her CEO with dread. “We’ve signed a three-year contract with a new vendor for new workforce management technology. Please contact them to begin the implementation. We need to get started with this right away. We’re expecting big things from this technology and are counting on you to make it happen.”

Harriet, of course, is fictional but the scenario should be strikingly familiar to many HR professionals. Generally, requests from above are relatively benign with minimal risks — “Please hire the president’s cousin’s nephew for the summer internship.”

Other requests, such as those that involve HR technology projects, have the potential to create serious problems and setbacks, including large financial losses for an organization.