Avoid the user manual approach

How to entice younger workers to appreciate pensions
By Annie Massey
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/03/2010

Car buyers get excited about many things: Stylish curves might appeal to a 20-something man, the ability to transport an entire hockey team might appeal to a 30-something mom. Even if people can’t afford the car of their dreams, they consider all available features before buying. But no one ever fell in love with a car by reading the user manual — it’s the glossy brochures, YouTube clips and car shows that draw people in.

This is not to deny the supreme importance of having a user manual in the glove compartment — car owners should never be without one. Just don’t rely on it to make the sale.

To convince potential car buyers to part with their hard-earned cash, advertising and marketing professionals conduct research to understand the wants, needs and price point of the target buyer. Then they design an appealing campaign that sells more cars.