2 million unfilled Ont. jobs by 2031: Study

And 700,000 workers will be unemployable
By Shannon Klie
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/07/2010

The recession may have eased labour shortages in the short term but Canada’s aging population and an improperly trained workforce could result in Ontario having nearly two million unfilled skilled jobs and 700,000 unemployable workers by 2031, according to a report.

But the province will start feeling the effects as early as next year when there will be 500,000 skilled job vacancies, found People Without Jobs, Jobs Without People: Ontario’s Labour Market Future.

“Without effective action, we face a future with large numbers of unskilled workers looking for jobs that require skills they do not possess and a large number of jobs that will go unfilled,” said Rick Miner, president and CEO of Miner & Miner Management Consultants in Toronto and author of the report.