‘New workplace order’ looms as boomers head to retirement (Guest commentary)

Changes to education, work environment, government plans will help immigrants, Aboriginals, women and older workers
By Don Drummond
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/04/2010

The Canadian workforce is the most culturally diverse and dynamic in the world. There is much to be gained by using everyone to their full potential, but the blinding speed with which the workplace is changing requires flexibility on the part of employers.

The looming retirement of the baby boomer generation is a key development. With more than one-third of the entire labour force preparing to retire over the next two decades or so, this represents one of the most significant shifts in the workplace seen in the last half-century. Employers will be faced with labour force growth that will slow to a crawl and need to find new and innovative ways to use Canada’s labour pool.

To that end, immigrants, Aboriginals, women and older workers must be used more efficiently as these groups form an extremely large yet under-represented portion of the workforce.