Crossing U.S. employment border

Hiring U.S. citizens eases hassles for Canadian firms heading south
By Stacy Glass
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/07/2010

When expanding operations into the United States, Canadian HR professionals and business owners should be equipped with a proper understanding of which American laws apply when employing workers in the U.S. in order to avoid employee issues, time-consuming problems and costly litigation.

Although the two countries share similar organizational cultures, there are significant differences when it comes to employment legislation. Negligence and misunderstanding of seemingly trivial legislative requirements (whether employing a U.S. citizen or a Canadian in the U.S.) have cost companies great pains in corrections and penalties.

Here’s just one example: A federal judge recently approved a US$4.2-million settlement between Standard Parking and its current and former workers in a wage and hour dispute in the U.S.