Productivity an everyday challenge (Analysis)

Canada's poor productivity record an opportunity for HR to take the lead
By Claude Balthazard
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/07/2010

Economists keep reminding us Canada’s productivity and productivity growth lag behind other industrialized nations. It all sounds very abstract but, for HR professionals, productivity and productivity growth are real, everyday challenges — one could argue productivity should be the bottom line for HR professionals. And, indeed, 87.1 per cent of respondents to the Pulse Survey agreed or strongly agreed improving worker productivity should be a priority for HR professionals.

As is usually the case, practice falls somewhat short of the ideal — but the numbers are interesting. Yes, only 30.3 per cent of respondents measure productivity well, but an additional 47 per cent do measure productivity (although not particularly well). In all, 77.3 per cent of organizations are measuring worker productivity to some degree.

When it comes to implementing initiatives specifically designed to boost productivity, 30.6 per cent said such initiatives are a priority for their organization. And an additional 36.2 per cent have implemented such initiatives, but note their efforts have not been systematic. In all, 66.8 per cent of organizations have some level of initiative designed specifically to boost productivity.