10 most important HR metrics

With just about everyone jumping on the HR benchmarking bandwagon, what metrics should organizations be tracking?
By Brian Kreissl
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/20/2010

Everyone understands the importance of tracking HR metrics and benchmarking an organization against similar and competing companies. Senior executives are increasingly asking HR to prove the worth of HR initiatives and programs through the use of concrete numbers.

This is hardly surprising, especially given the tight economy and the fact HR is still seen, in many organizations, as overhead rather than a valued business partner and driver of the people side of organizational strategy. But what types of metrics should HR departments be tracking?

For one thing, it’s no good tracking something if its importance can’t be demonstrated to business leaders. At a previous job, my team provided quarterly HR dashboards to executives but, several times, the executives would say, “These numbers are great but they don’t tell us a story.” And the executives had no idea whether the numbers we reported were any good from an industry perspective or why HR chose to track those particular metrics.