HR Manager's Bookshelf
Books for advice on using consultants, or, better yet, becoming one

By Ray Brillinger
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/02/2001

No doubt the vast majority of readers of Canadian HR Reporter take a direct interest in questions about consulting, such as what is effective consulting, when and how can consultants be productively used, and how to become a successful internal or external consultant?

In my own career to date, I have worked as an internal consultant, and a manager of others in that role. I have selected consulting firms and managed the relationship with external consultants engaged to carry out projects at the companies where I worked. During recent years, I have been an external consultant both in independent practice and now at a large consulting firm.

While many books on consulting appear on the bookstore shelves, some recent titles stand out. They offer insight, guidance and tools for becoming a skilled consultant and for increasing the value you can deliver to your clients. Or, if you are a client, they are resources for effectively employing consultants and maximizing the results you obtain, while avoiding many of the errors and problems that can undermine the consulting engagement experience.