Here’s how not to hire wait staff (Editor’s notes)

Employers under fire for bias in recruitment
By Todd Humber
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/12/2011

Are you a 110? If so, odds are you aren’t working as wait staff at a trendy restaurant or ringing up sales at a fashionable retail outlet. What’s a 110? It’s a leading candidate to be inducted into the HR Worst Practice Hall of Shame.

The “110” designation comes courtesy of Darren Hawker, a former assistant general manager at a Moxie’s restaurant in Toronto. Hawker told the Toronto Sun he was directed by senior management to hire only busty and thin female applicants, regardless of qualifications. “110” was marked on the resumés of unattractive candidates. It meant do not call. Draw a diagonal line between the ones and it spells “NO” — I’m assuming they thought this was pretty clever.

Officially, and unsurprisingly, Moxie’s came out against the practice. It was “possible” people who have come from other companies have used the 110 code but “it is not something we endorse or teach,” said Sue Thomson, vice-president of marketing.