Workplace conflict on the rise: Survey

Effective management style can diminish problems
By Amanda Silliker
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/12/2011

Conflict is on the rise in the workplace and negatively affecting productivity and absenteeism, according to a survey released by the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés (CRHA), Quebec’s HR association.

Seventy-nine per cent of 540 salaried employees surveyed across Quebec said they often or occasionally witnessed a conflict in their workplace in the last year, up from 36 per cent in a similar survey in 2006.

“We’re seeing an increase in the percentage of conflicts in the workplace — a significant increase,” said Florent Francoeur, president and CEO of CRHA. “It also means when you have a conflict and you don’t try to resolve it, you really have a problem there.”